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COLOMBIA safe or not? - Ask to Charlie
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COLOMBIA safe or not?

COLOMBIA safe or not?


COLOMBIA  safe or not?

Every week someone aske me the same question. COLOMBIA is safe or not?, I am watching  Narcos or I saw on Tv or my father watched a documentary fom the 90s and say that is not safe. As Colombian that I used to live there, I will aswer you if  COLOMBIA is safe or not?

After travel around the world, I have to tell you, each city has areas that you shoukdnt visit because they can be dangerous, an others are safe areas. Like any country in the world,  my country is the same. Its safe Yeah, At the 80s or 90s with Escobar, it was really hard and I will tell you an esperience one day. However, Now its super safe. Its many people travelling there right now. Some hostels are own by Australians, Americans , Europeans and day by day arrive many tourist people, lost of backpackers.

Yes, its safe and amazing. Go to San Andres and cartagena for Beach and party, Medellin for the weather, culture and food; Cali to dance salsa or learn, Amazonas, Guajira, Salento, Chicamocha, San Agustin, Boyaca for the view, the people, the experience. Bogota, my city, its a huge place and you will find from amazing food to huge malls, big national parks to awesome parties.

If you dont know anybody, dont worry, you will meet lot of turist and locals that will help you.

I will share here the point of view of few people, but My recomendation is Go. Its safe.

  • Hello people, I live in Cali and been here for 20 years, the city is safe depending on where you go. If you are a tourist, you will be always in good places, because the people here are nice and they tell you all the time where to go and where not to go. Or you can use a local guy to guide you. For me, I would like to work with someone like Sam; because he is someone I can trust, since I know the city and its surroundings. I see LifeAFAR as a highly organized company with great potential. I have been all over Europe, Asia, Mexico, Central America, Ecuador, Colombia and been in 34 of the 50 states.   I went to Colombia during early 1990’s  and spend over a month where I traveled by car from Cali to Manizales and from Cali to Ipiales and
  • from Cali to Buenaventura and  from Cali to Cartagena.  I even  walked to the Statue of Belalcazar and walked thru downtown Cal with my camcorder filming everywhere I went.  I was never robbed and never felt in  danger.   When coming back to the states, I dropped my wallet, US passport and travel ticket at the airport while waiting for the flight by the seat where I was waiting.  Then started walking around, when the American Airline representative used the the airport speaker system to have me come to the American Airline counter.  She asked me if I had lost anything and I said no.  She, then shows me the wallet, the flight ticket and the US passport and said that I had dropped it, but, another person picked it up brought it up.  No money was taken and I had one 1 thousand dollars. I tried to find the guy who return it to the American Airline counter, but, the American Airline Rep said that he  had left.  In Naples, Italy, I was almost robbed at knife point, but, the Italians that were around surrounded the thief and held him for the police.  My sister spent over 3 months in Europe and she was robbed of her travelers cheques/purse while walking in Paris.  In Mexico, while traveling  by car with US license plates, the Federal Police  is always for money with false claims about missing permit to travel.  While living in Chicago, I had my bike stolen and my father had his brand new TV stolen from his house.
  • In Ecuador, my brother had his iPhone stolen at the Quito airport.   Based on my experience,  Colombia has been safe even during the early 1990s.  Now it is supposed to be more safe due to the peace agreement with the guerrillas, the big narco chiefs now in Mexico and Colombia economic conditions improved significantly and the number in poverty has been reduced from 13 million in 2000  to less than 5 million in 2016.  Unemployment was over 20% in the 1990s and now is 9%.
  • I visited for an extended stay.  One of the Colombians I met compared stats of New York to Medellin and told me, “See, it is safer.”  I then asked him if people report street crime and he said, no, usually not, because the police won’t do anything.”  I replied, “Oh, see unreported crime is not a crime at all as it never makes it into statistics.”  Where I was staying a teen my friend and I got to know went into el centro de Medellin.  He had his cell phone stolen,  Ten minutes later, another thief got his shoes.  I was in the center myself and it was dusk.   A family asked me if they could please walk me to a taxi as it was not safe for me.  Seriously,  Colombia is not safe from my observations.  Seriously,  the only stats are not someone’s anecdotal statement and if the stats are clearly unreliable, you simply cannot know
  • The people in Colombia are friendly and happy souls. They are very hospitable like Filipinos, my Colombian friends let me sleep over at their homes and share meals with them like real brothers and sisters. I have been to Ciudad Bolivar and there are good people there. You just need not to be flashy and secure your things always. Like any dangerous place in the world as they say, Bogota, Colombia is a good place to visit and to experience its rich culture.
  • Colombia is in fact statistically one of the most violent and dangerous countries in the world. This is a fact. Just because it is magnitudes safer than the 80’s and 90’s does not mean it is still not violent. I stayed in the nicest building in the nicest area of El Poblado Medellin and even there during the day they had gunmen with automatic weapons stop traffic on the main road and rob everyone. I will still go back to visit Medellin again but not for one second will I think I can let my guard down when there. Windows up, doors locked, don’t be flashy or stupid (like get lost walking around Medellin at 1am with $3k in your pocket like I did one night).

Its Colombia Safe, Yes. Do you have any other question about Colombia, let me know. Ask to charlie

Do you believe in Ufos, yes or not. This was my experience.

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