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Do you believe in Reiki? - Ask to Charlie
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Do you believe in Reiki?

Do you believe in Reiki?

Do you believe in Reiki?

I know, for some people its a weird question. Some people think that is just about massages and energy, but is more. Some people dont know about it, so i answer that question someone asked me few days ago? Do you believe in Reiki?

Yes, I do. I am this kind of people that believe in things that just have exprience wuth and I have to admit with this topic, Its true, I do. A friend invite me to a course and I said not 3 times but until she said to me, I will pay for it, go with me, I went there. I have to say, the first level was a bit boring. Energy, etc but afte i got curious and i went to the second and third level and my life change.

They gave me lots of information, symbols, etc. That I started to used one day and Oh surprise, or I am so lucky or this Reiki thing works. I got a new job, won a scholariship, and  many things happened that i never expect.

I will tell you a bit of reiki, however, just people that study that, they know what i am talking about. I have experience, i beilive, Do you?. That is more that a massage or a just healing, be curious, open your heart and read about it. Just if you want. Yes I believe and i will tell you in my next video, why.

Be patient. Everything comes to you at the right moment 🙏🏽 📲: @positive_vibe_tribe

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Some info basic about Reiki

Reiki is healing by means of light (energy) … they do not touch you since what they “clean” to heal is your aura … remember that we are also formed by energy and this “communicates” with other energies negative as positive; and the first ones are als that harm us and cause the “diseases” … if they touch you or smear you Essences that is not reiki, they are massages or another kind of therapy … I have had the experience of healing and snar another person through me (called “witness”) and believe me the person healthy; It seems like a magic thing but it’s not like that, it’s an ancestral therapy and nowadays it’s taking off


There is no transfer of pain, disease or anything, since the reikista is only a “hose” through which the energy passes.
It is not necessary to know what the problem is, because it is not the problem that is attacked, but the disharmony, that is, in general everyone is passed Reiki in the same way, that is why it is called natural healing method, but Here comes the interesting thing, is that many times, for a matter of tuning between reikista and receptor, or intuition, the reikista usually without even realizing it, bring their hands to the sick or affected areas

The cho ku rei sky (counter-clockwise) is called a sword of light, sky or switch. The origin of this seal is divinity! goes directly to the physical body serves to seal the room where reiki is done, is used to energize and purify water, food, remedies, etc.
Also to protect and energize the house, car, animals, plants, etc.

The chi Ku Rei clockwise. Brings peace and prepares you to receive beautiful Reiki … Anti clockwise takes away illness ..worry … unwanted thoughts ..etc etc !! Yeah, what is that. It was my first Impression. Do you believe in Reiki? Yes i do. When we draw to Cho Ku Rei clockwise we see it as such but the watching person sees it as anti clockwise !! So it is all things to all people !

Do you believe in reiki ? What do you think? Ask to charlie, maybe i know, maybe not.

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