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What is an UFO? Unidentified Flying Object (can be anything really, as long it can fly and you can’t identify it) – Are we alone? We haven’t made contact yet, but there is a possibility that there is life elsewhere. Would be pretty arrogant to assume that Earth is the only planet where life can exist. Why do we exist? If you deny that aliens exist, you deny your own existence. Aliens… Our fantasies demand to see aliens as intelligent as us or even further developed, especially if they could visit us because our technology is still too primitive to travel through space and explore other galaxies.  DO YOU THINK UFOS EXIST?


However, Do you think, UFOS exist?. Yes, and I will give you 5 reasons

  1. I saw one when I was 10 years old in Colombia, some lights moving in different ways. It was in a country side, so it was not a party or a company etc. It was not an airplane because the lights were doing different things that airplanes dont do it.. Everything was dark and 3 lights were together and after they were separate, some circles, etc.
  2. Many people around the world have different experiences with that topic, some people have closer experiences than others, but if many people have experiences with that is because this is true. check interviews online and you will find more info about it. In England, Mexico, Colombia, Switzerland, USA, etc.
  3. The universe is too big for us to be the only species that inhabit it, it is absurd, egocentric and very humane to think that, we have already seen repeatedly that scientifically it is very unlikely, but One of the main problems we have had to prove it is that there are not many pure and hard proofs that ratify it, until now. Honestly unless that planet around proxima centauri has life, there’s pretty much zero chance of us actually being able to confirm aliens. Mathematically, it’s almost a certainty extraterrestrial life does exist, but the universe is so ridiculously huge, we’ll probobly wipe ourselves out LONG before meeting them ever becomes a possibility.
  4. Before we were thinking the Earth was just plane and with time we found that was different. Few years ago we was thinking that other planets maybe exist but we didnt have any prove. So, we just need time and technology and we will get more proves to that things.
  5. Exist until someone showme that they dont.

Maybe they are not green, or bold or tall. Maybe you cant describe them because we cant feel them with our sense. Or maybe are around us  and looks exactly the same as us. I think, it exist and I believe in what I have seen.  Have you seen UFOS?

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