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Masturbation is good or bad? - Ask to Charlie
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Masturbation is good or bad?

Masturbation is good or bad?

Masturbation is good or bad?

Masturbation is giving yourself pleasure, no matter the gender, or reason. All living beings ever masturbate. Even the puppies. Masturbation is an art, pecamidoso in some religions, since it makes you decay in the lust of pleasure. And God blesses, and the holy spirit, is in you to be chaste. (Chastity (chaste) is when a person, has no impure thoughts, or sexual contact with anything).  Masturbation is good or bad?

I remember few years ago, having some drink with my exflatmates, a brazilian guy, 28 years ago told us that he has never ever explore the masturbation feeling. He never tried. However, a french guy told us that he was addictive and used to do that 3 to 4 times per day. Each case is different. Dont be extreame but is good to know your body.

Well, My opinion about that is that Its good, really good. Do it,  masturbating is self to please you, the same human being with your hands, sexual pleasure is given in your sexual organs, provoking, an ejaculation (men, coming or running) or an orgasm women. It is natural and inherent to the human being.

Dont feel bad, enjoy and try to know your body. its your body, so its your business, you can do whatever you want and nobody cant say anything. Explorer your body and dont feel bad. After explore your body, you will know what do you life and what you dont like.

If you are exploring, use lubricant, it will help, also baby oil, but dont use soap or shampoo that can irritates your skin.

I got this comment that I want to share with you, you can use as trick “They put in a plastic cover (big enough so that they enter the penis) some type of lubricant, they place the cover between 2 cushions of a sofa. that the cushions are well together so that they exert pressure, and there they put in and take out the penis as if they were giving it to the best culture in the world.”

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Use gel as a lubricant, it feels good since at the beginning it is cold and it gives you pleasure, I suppose you can also use soap shampoo, but dont use it. etc.

The more pressure the cushions exert, the better they are, not too loose because the cover moves and comes out.

Do it, dont feel bad, its good for you, so you know what do you like. Your body is yours. So enjoy it.

What do you think? Masturbation is good or bad?

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