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What is happiness for you? - Ask to Charlie
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What is happiness for you?

What is happiness for you?

What is happiness for you?

Each person is different, some people will answer money, travel, family, kids, pets, health, etc. So I will answer What is happiness for me. Right now is travel, and visit my family, and share time with my friends. That is my happiness. I have many dreams that will make super happy but for now I have to admit that I am unhappy in some aspects of my life. I am a human, as you, so for you and for me maybe happiness is different. Try to looking for it, find the peace.

I am super curious person and I ask to few people around and I got different answers, and you what is happiness for you?

Happiness for me is to see, to be and to do what I like. Wake up in the morning and see the sun shining and give thanks to God for a new day, be with family and enjoy a delicious morning coffee accompanied by a relaxing and thoughtful conversation. It is to be at peace with all those around me. It is also to enjoy an afternoon with my friends in an outing, meeting, and having a good time.

I am happy to see the beautiful nature, a sunrise, the breeze on my face, soak in the rain.
Also observe the stars and inspire me with beauty, see the moon, write songs and poetry about nature.
Observe this beautiful world and live every day to admire it, that is so beautiful and the most wonderful thing is to know that I can translate it into a song or a poetry: D makes me cry with happiness: D

I spent the last 2 years between hospitals without being able to do anything at home or other work due to an illness of my father and we had to alternate schedules at the hospital even I almost did not see my brothers since one came and went, this year I could do many things and now I value them more besides he recovered so almost everything is happy and happy

Learning something makes me very happy, hearing the singing of the birds in the mornings, also, breathing the aroma of nature, fulfilling my dreams and goals, listening to music, spending time with my family and friends, There are so many things that they produce happiness that I could not list them all 🙂

What is happiness.I forgot Colombia is part of my happiness.

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