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What is your superpower? - Ask to Charlie
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What is your superpower?

What is your superpower?

It was a question that a friend in Perth askedme once, What is your superpower?. I am not a super here, or wait, am I?, Yes, we are. I start to check all my friends, family and pople that i know and I saw in lots of them different powers.

How is possible a 3 years old boy can draw better than me or how a 5 years old girl can sing with such a beautiful voice. Every single person has an special power, skill or wherever you want to call it. Maybe some are really good in arts, others in sports, or science. you have to find what is your super power,Β  you are really good in something, but the point is try to find it.

If we talk about superheros as we see in movies or cartoons, we will find lots of powers,Β  but as HUMANS, what kind of power do you have?. Good listener, or amazing view, or maybe you are really good with your hands, or super fast.

I tried sports and I am really bad one, I cant sing, I am terrible. I am not good with any instrument, mechanics, science, maths, but I am good with communication. Yes that is my power, now I need to work out this power, because sometimes I dont understand my self.


This kind of topics are in the black box, like Do you think Ufos exist?, Check it out


As humas we have lots of skills and in movies we have thousands of skills, think what super power do you have, and lets check how many super powers we have seen in the last year. What is your superpower?

Human skills: These are merely human skills. They can be: agility (Batman), surfaces (Awesome Android).
Manipulation of elements or environment: These are skills that involve the control of certain natural elements. They can be: water control (Garth), air control (Wind Dancer, Red Tornado), fire control (Pyro, Fire), ground or rock control (Terra, Petra), electricity control (Electro, Black Light) , control of ice or cold (Iceman; Killer Frost), climate control (Storm; Thor), plant control (Klara Plast, Poison Ivy), crystal manipulation (Kole), seismic powers (Moses Magnum), manipulation of the light (Northstar, Dr. Light).

Displacement skills: Affect the way in which the possessor moves. They can be: super speed (Flash, Quicksilver), flight (Superman, Northstar), teleportation (Nightcrawler, Misfit), omnipresence (Living Court, Eternity), ability to climb walls (Venom, Arachne), intangibility (Moonstone, Sandman), travel through time (Time Trapper).
Sound skills: Super powers that require the emission of sound for their function. They can be: sonic scream (Black Canary), echolocation (Daredevil), sonar (Aquaman, Siryn).

Physical abilities: are those that affect the physical abilities of the person. They can be: super strength (Hulk, Blok), superhuman reflexes (Blade), invulnerability (Supergirl), superhuman resistance (Luke Cage, Solomon Grundy), superhuman senses (Beast), super breath (Superman).

Powers of physical manipulation: They are those that alter their body structure to produce the activation of their superpowers. They can be: biological manipulation (Elixir), control of the bones (Marrow), replacement of parts of the body (Terror), duplication (Multiple Man), invisibility (Invisible Woman, Invisible Kid), synthesis of pheromones (Wallflower), superhuman elasticity (Plastic Man, Reed Richards), change in size (Atom, Bumblebee), self-detonation (Nitro), accelerated regeneration (Wolverine).

Change of form: They are those that alter the form of the character for the activation of their powers. They can be: animal transformation (Beast Boy, Snowbird), transformation into inorganic substances (Zan, Ferro Lad), liquefaction (Hydro-Man), sublimation (Amelia Voght), substance mimicry (Absorbing Man, Awesome Android).

Extrasensory Perception: These are powers that depend on the mind or the spirit. They can be: astral projection (Rachel Summers), mental projection (Morpheus), empathy (Empath, Raven), necromancy and communication with dead (Wicked), precognition or clairvoyance (Gypsy, Destiny), telepathy (Exodus), psychometry (Adrienne Frost) Jack Hawksmoor)
Psychic powers: These are physical powers activated by mental power, a type of energy manipulation. They can be: manipulation of memories (Zatanna), mind control (Karma); Universe), possession (Nocturne), weapons created with psychic powers (Danielle Moonstar), psychic explosions (Psylocke).

Control of reality: They are powers that bring effects out of reality, only explained in fiction. They can be: animation of objects (Selene), control of the destiny (Vision), control of the gravity (Alex Power), control of the shades (Shade), immortality (Mephisto, Vandal Savage), grant of wishes (Shazam), control of magnetic fields (Magneto, Doctor Polaris), resurrection (Immortal Man), manipulation of sound (Klaw), manipulation of time (Tempo), manipulation of probabilities (Longshot), disintegration of objects (Wither), molecular manipulation (Apocalypse), control of radiation (X-Ray), invocation of objects or people in time (Magik, Flashback), alteration of reality (Franklin Richards, Mr. Mxyzptlk).

Magic and sorcery: They are those powers that derive from enchantments. They can be: magical enchantments (Zatanna, Jinx), illusive powers (Mastermind), divine powers (Trigon).

Interaction of powers: It does not refer to power, but how it is complemented. It can be: sensor or recognition of powers (Caliban, Nemesis Kid), denial of foreign powers (Leech), absorption of power or powers (Rogue), concession of powers (Sage, Synergy), power increase (Fabian Cortez).

Visual powers: These are powers that depend on vision, being a type of superhuman vision. They can be: night vision (Owl), X-ray vision (Ariella Kent), microscopic or telescopic vision (Hyperion), analytical vision (Sasuke Uchiha).

Energy manipulation: They are those superpowers that involve the manifestation of energy. They can be: Energy rays (Cyclops), energy explosions (Havok, Starfire), construction of objects with energy (Green Lantern, Cerise), energy conversion (Dazzler).

What is your super power? Let us know.



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