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Do you believe in Reiki? I know, for some people its a weird question. Some people think that is just about massages and energy, but is more. Some people dont know about it, so i answer that question someone asked me few days ago? Do you believe in Reiki? Yes, I do. I am this kind of people that believe in things that just have exprience wuth and I have to admit with this topic, Its true, I do. A friend invite me to a course and I said not 3 times...

What is happiness for you? Each person is different, some people will answer money, travel, family, kids, pets, health, etc. So I will answer What is happiness for me. Right now is travel, and visit my family, and share time with my friends. That is my happiness. I have many dreams that will make super happy but for now I have to admit that I am unhappy in some aspects of my life. I am a human, as you, so for you and for me maybe happiness is different. Try to...