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It was a question that a friend in Perth askedme once, What is your superpower?. I am not a super here, or wait, am I?, Yes, we are. I start to check all my friends, family and pople that i know and I saw in lots of them different powers. How is possible a 3 years old boy can draw better than me or how a 5 years old girl can sing with such a beautiful voice. Every single person has an special power, skill or wherever you want to call...

DO YOU THINK UFOS EXIST? What is an UFO? Unidentified Flying Object (can be anything really, as long it can fly and you can't identify it) - Are we alone? We haven't made contact yet, but there is a possibility that there is life elsewhere. Would be pretty arrogant to assume that Earth is the only planet where life can exist. Why do we exist? If you deny that aliens exist, you deny your own existence. Aliens...