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Why Australia is one of the best countries to live? I moved here almost 10 years ago, a country that before I knew just because Kyle Minogue is from here, but actually is an amazing place to live.  Here, Why Australia is one of the best countries to live. The big island, Australia, is one of the most amazing countries to live right now and for that reason you will see lots of english, french, asians, latinos around there because they are looking for a new opportunities, here some reasons why this is...

  COLOMBIA  safe or not? Every week someone aske me the same question. COLOMBIA is safe or not?, I am watching  Narcos or I saw on Tv or my father watched a documentary fom the 90s and say that is not safe. As Colombian that I used to live there, I will aswer you if  COLOMBIA is safe or not? After travel around the world, I have to tell you, each city has areas that you shoukdnt visit because they can be dangerous, an others are safe areas. Like any country in the world, ...